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Stories of climate change and nature connection

To Hear The Trees Speak

I'm working with C-Level to balance the carbon footprint of my flights for this project.

C-Level works with some of the world’s finest reforestation projects – sequestering CO2 via indigenous forests with local communities.  These natural climate solutions are verified under the global Plan Vivo Standard, which puts working with communities on their own land at the heart of its work. One of the projects is with the Hadza hunter gatherers of Tanzania. The baobab tree - the tree which sparked the idea for my book - provides 40% of the nutritional needs of the Hadza. 

C-Level have an easy-to-use calculator to offset flights for individuals and businesses on their website: 

Album No.1

Mangroves, Florida

Album No.2

New York Botanical Garden

the journey

In 2019, I travelled to research my book, 'The History of the Future of the World in Ten Trees', to countries including India, Sri Lanka, Australia, United States, Brazil, Finland and England.  I am now writing the book, creating artwork based on the journey and have one tree left to visit - the baobabs, which started the whole journey. Keep up-to-date with my newsletter, and also via Instagram. 

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